The Last Party of the Summer Weekend was the first of my continuous "Theme Weekend" projects for the Rogers Rock Radio format. This was my golden opportunity to create new and fun graphics for the stations while working as a Web Producer. 
The Under The Covers Weekend focused on cover versions of popular songs. First idea to pop into my head was a couple sexy guitars in a bed.
The One Hit Wonders Weekend showcased bands that had that one hit song.
One of my FAVOURITE theme weekends was The Simpsons Weekend. We played songs from the bands featured on episodes of The Simpsons. I had to illustrated each artist to make the group.
The AC/DC Rock Weekend revolved around AC/DC... pretty self explanatory.
Since Canadian Thanksgiving is earlier than the US, I got a chance to make some rockin' turkeys.
What's The Story Weekend showcased the stories BEHIND the songs.
Our Halloween Special that ran was the Monsters Of Rock Weekend. I got the opportunity to actually draw these characters before I brought them into illustrator.
The Movember Weekend focused on famous Rock 'Staches. In order from left to right; Freddie Mercury, Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, David Crosby, John Lennon, Lemmy Kilmister, Frank Zappa, The Edge.
A Trivial Weekend gave listeners a fun experience to try and guess trivial facts about certain songs or bands.
The Queen Weekend revolved around the 25th anniversary of Freddie Mercury's death.
The Dearly Departed Weekend ALSO focused on other musician deaths. Tried to make it look like an epitaph. 
The Who Are You Weekend was NOT about The Who, but the people behind the songs. The inspiration or dedications to family, friends, first loves, criminals, cheaters, and bad seeds.

The Double Shot Weekend featured the biggest artists played back-to-back.

The Around The World in a Weekend graphic was one of the first that I had rendered out in Adobe After Effects to show some physical movement on the front facing sites. 

The Bark at the Moon Weekend focused on some monster tracks for Halloween.

The Baseball Weekend happened during the season opener and focused on playing songs that not only included baseball, but also played artists in double or triple plays.

The Be My Guest Weekend focuses on songs that had a special guest on the track. More often than not, it was David Bowie.

Obviously, this weekend was playing breakthrough tracks, but I had a lot of fun putting this piece together. The shattered glass and broken text really made this work.

Really simple design for Canada's 150th. This weekend focused on Canadian Content to celebrate Canada Day.

The Big Bottoms Weekend focused on the bass and bassists of Rock. I had a really fun time recreating a digital version of a bass.

This one was pretty obvious... but because of the "sexy content" there wasn't too much I could actual put on the websites. I went for the next best option of a Hotel Room with a Do Not Disturb sign with a bit of innuendo.

The Four Wheel Fantasy Weekend was focused on the best road songs and songs about cars.

The Highway Star Weekend was pretty much the same thing... road songs.

A year doesn't go by without a rock station playing a Led Zeppelin weekend. Took the opportunity to try to recreate the album cover with the actual Hindenburg crash photo.

I love long weekends in the summer.

The Mother of all Rock Weekend was a Mother's Day special. Playing songs about Moms and songs by Moms. Went to the next level with a "Mother" tattoo.

The Resurrection Weekend wasn't what you would think it was... It was an Easter weekend special. That's right, to celebrate Zombie Jesus, we played songs from artists that have passed. My buddy Jamie supplied his arm for the guitar.

Songs from the movies for Oscar Weekend.

Bringing the roots of rock back to the forefront with the Rock Meets Blues Weekend. I thought the dusty basement stage look with some neon-esque signage worked out well.

The Read My Resume Weekend brought up jobs that some musicians had before breaking the into the big time. This image captures Clive Winston of my fictional band Flying Buttress working as a fast food cashier.

You can't have a St. Patrick's Day Weekend without a party and leprechauns fighting each other. Brought these classic Simpsons rivals together for this graphic.

It's not difficult to have a 70's weekend when you are a heritage rock station. #Discosucks

With the passing of Tom Petty, we do what we always do and dedicate a weekend to that artist.

The Friday the 13th special. I took some time to draw out all the individual assets ahead of time and put them all together. Not my best work, but still got the point across.

Celebrating Victoria Day in Canada is always a big deal. It's one of the few holidays where we can get fireworks and legally use them. I had a fun time with this one since I found this stern face of Queen V, but having her flick a bic and light up some roman candles was the icing on the cake.

While this version of the Who's Your Daddy Weekend didn't get picked, I still like what I did with this illustration. I still have the original sketch posted in my office at work.


In 2018, we celebrated 50 years of The Beatles White Album. I thought it would be be neat to recreate the embossed effect that was similar to the the original album cover. While the overall graphic was simple, it still stands out.

Back to Nature Weekend. I don't recall what we did this for this weekend, but I'm sure it was something. I really like how the title reflection turned out on this design. 

The Rock scene has it's fair share of Bad Boys, so they made a weekend for them. Taking this design "to the streets" I tried to make this graffiti styled with painted text and stencils.

The Mullet Weekend. Classic (just like the hairstyle). 

While the 27 club has it's elite members, there is also a 9 Lives club. This weekend focused on the artists that COULD have died several times or had a near-death experience but are still kicking... probably.

2018 Winter Olympics means that we had to drop some metal... I mean... medals.

Dedicated to Rock's Greatest Screams, this weekend played tracks like Immigrant Song, and Who Are You.

The Summer in the City Weekend played hot tracks for the hot hot days. There was a damned heatwave when this was made and I made sure it was reflected in the art.

Originally made for the legalization of Marijuana in Canada. 


Another one for the Baseball season home opener.

This weekend focused on that sweet Seattle sound of Grunge.

Tommy Turns 50. Took the shapes from the original album and superimposed them onto a cloud background similar to the original.

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