Dean Cole - Ottawa On.

Dean Cole is a Senior Graphic Designer, Illustrator, & UX/UI Designer from Ottawa, Ont. Canada. Having been a professional designer for over 12 years, he has worked in various fields and on multiple projects. A graduate of the Algonquin College Graphic Design program (2010), Dean has won several awards in his field and has also had illustrations published in magazines and web articles.
In the beginning of his design career, Dean worked with Design Interpretive, a small industrial design company. While there, he created a series of icons and modifiers, as well as User Interface Design for Vesta 9-1-1, an Emergency Communications System that is being used world-wide to dispatch Emergency Medical Services. He also got his opportunity to create mock ups, concepts, style guides, and wire frames for Mobile Applications.
After DI, Dean went on to start Dean Cole Design, his personal freelance design business. He worked on album art for bands, a series of designs for longboards and skateboards, and even took a bit of time to curate a collection of illustrations for clothing. Unfortunately, this couldn't pay the bills and money was getting tight. After contacting and trying to work with a few startup companies around the city, things were just getting more and more difficult to maintain, and being a freelancer wasn't going to cut it anymore. 
With his User Interface and User Experience skills and knack for Digital Illustration, Dean started working on his first mobile game design project with Smoke Labs and Magmic. They were looking for a Graphic Designer who could create a set of characters and mock up an interface for the new mobile version of the Mattel board game, Blokus. He was also involved in creating promotional posters and materials for the Ottawa International Gaming Conference in 2014.
After being laid off due to a lack of work, Dean started freelancing again, but unemployment made things difficult to manage. He took on whatever jobs he could to help pay the bills, and even worked on a couple other mobile game projects, but  they didn't work out as well as expected. After applying to job after job, Dean eventually found a place at Bell Media, as a digital content producer. Things were going well from the start, until a couple weeks in, an entire radio station was dissolved, and several people were laid off... including his hiring manager. Dean was around for the launch of New Country 94, the station that replaced BOB FM. There he met lots of really interesting people and on-air personalities, and that's when he realized his place was in media. After 6 months at Bell, Dean was laid off, and the unemployment cycle began again.
Months went by, and job application after job application went unnoticed until a position came up not unlike what he was doing at Bell, but with Rogers Media instead. It took quite a bit of time before he was hired, but Dean was back in media doing exactly what he loved. He was brought in to work on the website relaunch of the music radio stations, and also to become the Web Production lead for the local music radio stations in Ottawa. As time went on and project after project was completed, Dean was able to build a niche for himself and made sure to become an invaluable part of the team. After a couple years of reshuffling teams in the company, Dean went on to become the Digital Operations lead the Rock and Country radio formats and Web Production, as well as managed, built, and maintained a series of micro sites for the Frequency Podcast Network. After several years with Rogers, Dean was unfortunately let go when the position in Ottawa dissolved and was moved to the head office in Toronto. 
Just before the COVID-19 Pandemic lockdown in March 2020, Dean secured a new position as UX/UI Designer at YoppWorks Inc. and worked on the billie app - an all in one solution for people to return to their office spaces safely. After the app was acquired by a new company, Dean once again was laid off.
He is now looking for new employment opportunities.
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