Eat Your Vegetables started out as a very simple concept. Open and close the mouth of a child by tapping on the screen in order to make them eat vegetables and avoid bad objects. This soon developed into a much bigger project with multiple children and distractions.
Almost the entirety of the game was built with hand-drawn assets that were converted into vector objects. This allowed for a different look and feel that most games don't have. Each character has their own specific background, as well as multiple vegetables, distractions, and other objects.
Gameplay Screen. Veggies and other objects fly onto the screen at a fast pace.
There are 6 available characters that can used and unlocked in the game by beating a high score in each difficulty level. Or, the player can buy the game and access the entire collection of characters and levels.
Character Selection Screen and Menus.
There are various animation states that had to be created for the game including pointing, sleeping, and waving. While the eating animation is only a few frames, some of the other animations can be anywhere from 5-15 frames.
In order to keep the game interesting, various forms and colours of vegetables had to be made. There are roughly 30 variations of vegetables that were created for different characters.
There are also just as many bad objects to avoid in the game.
Eat Your Vegetables took about a year to complete with just an artist and a developer, and was one of the most art driven games I've made to date. The game is now available in the AppStore for download. Below is one of the 15 second motion graphics ads I put together for the game.
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