Device example I put together for the company website to showcase the game.
Blokus iOS was the first game design project that I had worked on. The interface design was very different from the start, and I had little to work with other than creating some main assets. After several meetings and a few months dealing with the production of the game, we were asked to redesign everything to go with new branding. With my help, I was able to put the game back in the right direction.

Once the game was released, we started on a crucial update that added new and different ways to play the game with power-ups and other features.
I had the most fun creating concepts for avatars and characters in the game. Our producer at the time had a theme of different classes for different difficulties. Animals for Easy, Humans for Medium, and Robots for Hard. I was specifically asked to make things as squared (blocky) as possible to go with the theme of the game.
Animal Avatars for Blokus. (Left to Right) Wreks (Dog), Mittens (Cat), Webber (Duck)
Human Avatars for Blokus (Left to RIght) Jeff, Milo, Suzy, Mindy
Robots for Blokus (Left to Right) BLX-2A, Bloksor, Blokley
Wreks was based off of the classic "Spot" design, with a patch of colour over his eye. Wreks has a loving personality and is an animal favourite.
Mittens was originally created to be a Black cat, in particular... My cat. But due to visability issues, Mittens was changed into an Orange Striped cat instead. This pattern was based on a kitten we were fostering at the time named Juniper.
In previous games by the producers of the game, they represented the animals as a dog, cat, and a rabbit. We wanted to do something different and created Webber. I mean... who DOESN'T want to play a board game against a duck?
Jeff is the local gamer. Pwning Noobs and camping in corners. He doesn't like to lose games. 
Milo is the Hipster of the bunch. He likes to make the others feel bad.
Suzy is the Emo girl on the block. Very competative, but very self doubting. She is usually depressed about something.
Mindy is the ditzy cheerleader type. She just likes to be noticed.
BLX-2A is one of the most advanced Blokus players. He can use his sensors to determine the best locations to place tiles.
Bloksor was originally one of the main factory robots that put the board games together. He made his way into a staff competition and won his freedom. He still spends his time sorting pieces.
A super intellegent Human-Robot hybrid. Rumour has it that the brain is from a really brilliant scientist. Others say it was a dolphin due to the clicks and beeps the robot makes.
This is a poster I made for the Ottawa International Gaming Conference, here in Ottawa. It came in 2nd Place for the Art Competition. All the players hanging out.
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