Examples of a personally improved version of the application that I had hoped would become part of a future iteration. This would have improved overall visibility within the app, as well as introducing a "quick search" assistant feature that would allow direct booking based on filtered questions. These screens are purely conceptual.

Additional screens to improve the My Contributions module to show new icons, a cleaner interface, and a better gamified experience with changes to the Leaderboard rankings that are emphasized with crowns and trophies.

Interactive Mock (video) of the improved app design and interface created in Adobe XD.

Updated intro screens for when a user first installs the app.

Initial test of the upcoming Teams & Neighbourhoods interface. Using Adobe XD to create interactive mocks with the possible features that would come along with the update. Ultimately, we went away from highlighted areas and stuck with the pin & icon designs.

Marketing collateral created for the billie app. All assets created as vector in Adobe Illustrator.

A small set of vector-based amenity icons created for use in the app. Each amenity represents a feature or function available in an office space to provide additional visual booking information.

Above are some examples of the web version of the application for Locate Space. he goal was to set up a web app that would work with Government of Canada guidelines in order to secure them as a client.

Fun little billie GIF I did to share in our Slack channels.

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