Updated logo design. 
I was asked to work on some album artwork layout as this project was passed down to me from my older brother, who did the art on a different local band's album (The Superlative - Numero Deux). At the time, I was working for the same client, but for a different band. 
Ottawa band -The Powergoats- were releasing their newest album titled Ruby Headlights. They had a few cover concepts and art, but they didn't really have a lot of anything else to work with. What they needed was someone to be able to lay it out for them.
Main art elements like the goat spaceship were created by another artist, but background elements and styling was my doing. I also had a hand at converting a logo idea into their new band logo.
Album cover built from different concepts.
Full album spread.
The album release party is was on August 8th, 2014 and they were selling the new album at the show.
Printed album and stickers ready for release night. The Superlative - Numero Deux designed by my brother.
New logo and Goat emblem banner for the show.
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